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Life is filled with difficult decisions that sometimes seem overwhelming.  If you, or a loved one, is facing the choice of whether to maintain and up-keep a residence that has become overburdening, or taking steps to simplify and improve your quality of life, Advocate Auctioneers, LLC, is here to help. 


The hardest part of a transition is taking that first step.  "What to do?"  and "Who to call?"  are questions that Advocate Auctioneers can help answer.  We are here to listen, and provide, the transitional organization and managment skills to help ease your life of unnecessary stress and burden. 


We provide the know how, through cleaning, packing, moving, maintenance, marketing, and helping with the sell of personal property that has served its purpose.


The only question for you is when?


Give us a call at (502) 827-1982, or email, to schedule an appointment in taking that first step of improving your life.


Advocate Auctioneers, "Your Voice On The Block."


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 "Your Voice On The Block"        

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